Becoming a member of the ECC with seat and vote is possible for organizations in a very wide scale: Initiatives and associations in social areas, in environment or development affairs, as charities, NGOs, cities (e.g. European cities of Reformation, …), parishes, youth organisations, religious orders, spiritual communities, church organisations, churches, …

All are welcome who are ready to support our goals and practice an open space for dialogue, oration, and cultural encounter.

We are looking forward to new members which are welcome to join by sending us a filled-in membership form. You find all information to join here.

As a single person we welcome you with all your ideas and engagement to become a friend of the ECC, a volunteer, or by donating your know-how or means.

Our members are:


In a “Memorandum of Understanding”, we decided to cooperate with the CPCE which assured us of their support. We seek similar agreements with organisations which – by their nature or statutes – cannot become members of our association.


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