What happened so far:

  • 2024/26: The ECC will take place!
  • May 13 2021: Webinar- “European Churches – Churches in Europe, With Ökumenischer Kirchentag, Frankfurt 2021
  • October 7th-10nd 2019: Second Members’ Assembly will take place at the Orthodox Academy in Crete, where the date and place of the convention will be decided.
  • March 2019: The Call for Application ends with the application deadline of March 31st, 2019.
  • April 7th-9nd 2019: Board meeting, Rome
  • October 2018: Board Meeting – London
  • April 2018: The Board met at the Orthodox Academy in Crete. We discussed membership development, financial affairs and communications. Additionally, we updated the website, set a date and a place for the second Members‘ Assembly and send out the Call for Application!
  • December 2017: The declaration “For the common Spirit for Europe” was adopted.
  • November 2017: The Board met in Constance. We decided on the schedule for the call for application and discussed the declaration (formally called position paper).
  • June 2109 At the Kirchentag in Berlin, the ECC participated in an event with the title “A Soul for Europe”. After an introduction of the ECC and a short podium discussion, the participants wrote down their expectations, hopes and dreams for an ECC with bright stars.
  • May 2017: The ECC held its first ordinary Members’ Assembly in Grünau near Berlin, Germany. For two days, 27 participants from 13 European countries evaluated as well as discussed the progress and the future of the ECC. We decided on the position paper and the membership fee policy. Additionally, the first official ECC Board was elected.
  • January 2017: The ECC was registered as an AISBL (Association without lucrative purpose) under Belgium law. The constitution of our association can be found here: Constitution
  • June 2016: 33 participants from 14 European countries gathered at Kappel, Switzerland, to evaluate the process of the ECC. We decided to found an association and nominated an Interim Board to serve until the first official Members’ Assembly.
  • May 2015: 60 participants from over 20 European countries came together in Bad Boll, Germany, to discuss the idea of a European Christian Convention (ECC). We passed a roadmap and a first coordination team was mandated to drive the process forward.


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