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We are on the journey to the first European Christian Convention (ECC).

The convention will be a participatory large-scale gathering. A Christian event – fully ecumenical – open to everyone – bringing together people from all over Europe and beyond. In order to realize our objective, we are on the way to create a movement which incorporates events and meetings in Europe as steps towards the ECC. We hope this will be first of a series of such gatherings.

The ECC will be…

… a place to share our spirituality. Sharing our faith, reading the Bible, praying and singing are at the heart of our spirituality and thus central to our convention. We want to share our spiritual journeys and our experiences with each other. The European Christian Convention is part of a pilgrimage contributing to the transformation of our world. We also want the ECC to be a cultural festival with music, theater, arts as well as with the richness of cultural life in our churches and movements. This will, of course, include open space for youth culture.

… a place of dialogue between our Christian traditions as well as with the people of the different faiths and worldviews that make up beautiful diversity of Europe.

… a place to address burning issues and our shared responsibility towards a peaceful neighborhood within Europe. There will be space for large debates and small workshops, for exhibitions and initiatives at the ECC. We want to bring in a positive vision for Europe from a Christian perspective and to contribute to the design of a European society. We want to tackle and address the challenges Europe is facing and strengthen European values. We want to contribute to a “Soul for Europe”.

Inspired by our Christian faith and the need to strengthen Christian confidence, witness and service, the European Christian Convention (ECC), therefore, seeks to make a significant contribution towards greater unity and integration of people in Europe and to mobilize responsibility in the world.

The European Christian Convention (ECC) is a non-profit making organisation and sees itself as a movement committed to mend brokenness and bring healing in our turbulent continent.

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