ECC at the German Kirchentag – *A Soul for Europe*

Participatory Podium Discussion at the Kirchentag

May 25th, 2017

The chairs of the ECC as well as its board member Katerina Karkala participated in an event with the title *A Soul for Europe*. After an introduction to the ECC and a short podium discussion, the participants were asked to form small groups and to write down their expectations, hopes and dreams for such an event as the ECC on bright stars.

After rising our stars for Europe, a lively discussion between the small groups introducing their stars and the podium members emerged. Finally the podium members closed the event by each completing the following sentence: *For me, the ECC is ….*

The podium members were Sven Giegold, Peter Annegarn, Sister Beatrice, Katerina Karkala and Jeannette Behringer.

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